August 12, 2018

When we fall off our bike, we need to get right back on!

As many of you know, I have jumped into my midlife (aka my next 50 years) with both feet.  I am working to build a joyful life that is sustainable such that it will allow for income as I age (I love my work), good health mixed with lots of play with my husband, family and friends!  

Taking control of your own life, and living a meaningful one is something that requires hard work and focus.  No different then working with my franchise clients. When I take my own life as seriously as I do those of my clients then this is when the balance is achieved.  I learned a long time ago that you could only be at your best when you are being true to yourself, meeting your own wants and needs first. Strength comes when there is balance both physically and mentally. 

I was off kilter these last few weeks. My friend helped me identify the problem that I think was weighing me down.....  "Self-doubt is shit. Chews up our precious energy and blocks our progress. Don’t let it own you".

I've been training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer in August, which is a 200k ride from Vancouver to Hope over two days.  We are raising funds for cancer and this year I am riding for two of my pals who are deep in the throws of this awful disease.  While it is presented as a social experience (I am on the largest team called the Brainiacs), it is no doubt a gruelling hard cycle over mixed elevation with cyclists of all ages, stages and health levels.  

This week for some reason, I thought I couldn't do it.  Despite having donations and notes of support from amazing people who see that I am pushing myself for the benefit of others and observing me training physically, I still felt off.  Self-doubt began to pop up for me and I went off my regular training schedule and my positive mantra shifted. 

I kept these thoughts inside until I did the right thing and shared them openly with my loved ones. People who I can trust and are there for me.  Of course, they opened their hearts and took time to listen, offered support and have since helped steer me back on track. I realized that my mental strength needed as much love as the physical strength.  

It is times like these that we need to really look inside and determine what is holding us back.  The self-doubt will ripple into your work, your family and for me, my energy level and playful karma is affected.  I am now in the process to explore the mental side to see what shifted and why the self doubts about the ride?  

I am surrounding myself with people, experiences and things that I love.  I am giving myself downtime and permission to do things that feed my soul this week.  I've done a deep dive (like I would with a client) into my health (added some fish oil and some vitamins) despite my good eating habits and by sharing it with others, have opened up deep conversations that matter.  

I wanted to share that we are not alone.  In a time when mental health has become top of mind, we all need to know that we have people that care. I know that I try to show up for my family in this way and we have very open conversations that help each of us move though challenges and times of insecurity.  While I often show up as a confident, outgoing and joyful soul, I still have the same insecurities and self doubt as others.  

When we fall off our bike, we need to get right back on!  You will find me there this week as I continue my training both mentally and physically for this huge goal, which I am very proud to be part of.  

I will cross this finish line.  

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