May 13, 2013

Don't limit your challenges, challenge the limits!

BIG smiles today.
Feelings of incredible SATISFACTION and currently basking in the LOVE shown by others.

I reached my GOAL! My ride to conquer cancer fundraising goal raising $2500 for the cause.

I very much feel the love and support from many whom sponsored me as I embark further into this frightening adventure but even more confident that this gal (at 50) can push the barriers that often limit us.

I am going to ride to Seattle on my bike. I  have been training physically but also mentally. I know that by keeping my thoughts positive I can accomplish anything I set out to do. It has worked for me before and combined with my new found confidence, I am determined it will work again.

I myself  live with tenacity, integrity and with compassion for others.  It has always been my hope that I could inspire others to also push their limits by exposing the risks I take to push mine.  Most importantly a clear message to believe in themselves.

The feelings of accomplishment that I had when I rode my bike over the Lions Gate bridge last weekend was empowering. You see, each step forward is a step closer.

This ride is just one step further to becoming a stronger and confident self.