February 10, 2013

125 more days to go

125 more days to go until my adventure I call

I joined the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer , which for those of you that don't know, is a 2 day cycling adventure through the Pacific Northwest region on a road bike over a weekend in June 2013! (Vancouver to Seattle).  I proudly hold a spot on a team called the The Brainiacs  comprised of brain cancer survivors and friends who are committed to finding a cure for cancer.  We will be fundraising and creating awareness for cancer research at  The BC Cancer Foundation. You should also note that I have started a team chapter called The Scardiacs, my own little tribe of beginner riders and that my brave husband Brendan recently joined the adventure.


The words "cycling adventure" freaks me out but their marketing message is that this is for everyone - both seasoned and beginner riders. I am told by my long time pal and now cycling Brainiac mentor, Dave Desrochers, that I will be fine. He clearly sees my tenacity for life and positivity, however, I must be honest that when I agreed to join it wasn't until I said the words out loud to friends and myself that the reality set in. 

It is however notes of support like this that I have received that make me feel supported by friends and encouraged that I can do this. With each donation I have tried to send a personal thank you card or personal sincere acknowledgement and showing of  thanks, such as a simple hug. 
Thank you to those of you that have supported me financially and to those who continue to support me in spirit. I will keep you updated through my blog www.TheBoomerVine.com so that you can follow me along on this adventure. Sign up on my blog to receive updates or learn more about me on my personal fundraising page  Denise Kelly.
Little do you know, I need your support way more then you know so keep the love coming. I am only 30% to my financial goal and every little bit counts.  Please acknowledge all riders on the journey especially those survivors who ride with the yellow flag, because really, we are all doing this for them.