January 20, 2013

Trying to Live With No Regrets

Quinn Keast taught us to Live with No Regrets and I listened.

My 2013 Ride to Conquer Cancer is no different then the half marathon I signed up for years ago with friends. You see at that time I also thought myself a little out of shape, too heavy to run, excuse excuse excuse...... but guess what, I did it!  I taught myself  that negative self talk won't get you anywhere and since then it rarely dares to talk to me.

Since then I have learned to play ice hockey and have achieved many goals both personally and professionally. Achieving such is not always easy but without goals we stand still. I crave challenge and continuous improvement.

What I loved about my marathon adventure was the chance to train with friends who I also believe may have shared similar self doubts but most importantly we were accountable to one another. I remember those early morning Sunday runs and many we ran with few hours of sleep and sometimes hungover, but we would laugh our way along because we had each other.

Camaraderie is super important to me. It is definitely a reason for my participation in this ride with other like minded wanting to make a difference. 

I am thankful for my kids and my husband who are my biggest supporters and believe in me when I sometimes don't believe in myself. I feel very loved and supported on such new crazy adventures and appreciate when they find humour in such. 

Are you living with no regrets?
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January 12, 2013

Will any of The Stanley Cupcakes accept the challenge?

Saturday January 12,2013
(To my female hockey team The Stanley Cupcakes I helped start 3+ years ago. A mix of 45 something woman)

Dear fellow Cupcakes and friends,   

I remember the day (and excitement), years ago that I had the opportunity to push my boundaries and step out on the ice with all of you. All of us have come such a long way....

Many of you know that I love to create opportunities to try new things to not only keep life exciting but to prove age is no barrier.  I thrive being around others who can find joy in new accomplishments. 

I am certainly no uber-athlete but I have decided to take this humungous step and join the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer with a great group called the Brainiacs led by David Desrochers whom many of you know. I will be looking for other beginner riders to ride with me (no, I don't even have a road bike yet but started spinning).  No doubt fellow Brainiac/Cupcake Heather will be well off in the distance as I ride along but just having her part of this keeps me in:)

Please consider riding along with me on this team but also showing your support so I know I have others who believe in me and my abilities to finish this. 

I'm actually terrified. 
Support me on my cycling journey to Seattle!

Denise Kelly