June 12, 2013

Another ride on my journey.

Well it all started one night in December at a community hockey party where, after many glasses of red wine, I said yes to my pal (and Brainiac captain) Dave Desrochers.  A decision for which I have no regrets. 

People who know me recognize my tenacity to seek out opportunities to try new things, push the boundaries and to find some sort of excitement, so The Ride to Conquer Cancer was for me just that. 

This gal at 50 feels no limits and looked at this bike thing as a new midlife challenge, great way to get fit, meet new people and maybe even lose the mid-drift bulge. I had a new found confidence on the ice rink as a Stanley Cupcake so a new activity simply made sense. 

My big ride is in 3 more sleeps and honestly I can't wait! 

I bought my bike second hand and left it sitting for a month afraid of the clips that locked my foot to the pedal. My first ride was down the street, I remember the fear of falling. Well that ride turned into longer ones, completing 110 km riding to Richmond and back! My dream ride was to Horseshoe Bay along the water which I ticked off my bucket list and Map My Ride became my new best friend. I got up at 5:30 am to ride Stanley Park for which my friends think I am nuts. 

This post is for you my sponsors, supporters and friends who not only donated to the cause to help find a cure for Cancer but for me, you have become this wonderful presence watching over me.  As I gather my cycling stuff and my confidence over the next few days preparing for this huge undertaking, riding over 200km to Seattle,  I want you to know that I feel the love. 

I am honoured as well to be chosen by our team captains as one of the ambassadors for the Brainiacs, the largest team riding in BC.  I guess it shows that my passion for this new adventure, ability to reach a huge personal goal and my encouragement for others, are all sincere. 

Some of you may not know but I also lost my Dad last week so this ride, on Father’s Day, has spiritual meaning for he was always one of my biggest fans and supporters. He will also be there in spirit. 

I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends like you all and promise to make you proud.