October 08, 2012

Happy 50th - I promise not to grow up!

I have recently reached my 50th year and I feel so grateful for so much.  I want to continue to live life with tenacity, to push my boundaries and to continue to find ways to appreciate and live my best life.  I hope I can make a difference in the lives of others and leave my mark while I am here.  I am enjoying a wonderful life with wonderful family around me, it’s just that I can’t imagine falling into a routine during the next 50 years...... 
You see, age is so not a barrier and I have promised myself not to grow up.


Seems like yesterday I was playing at the cottage in Collingwood, Ontario with cousins and family swimming, sailing, exploring and creating memories on Georgian Bay.  Understandably, with little concept of just how wonderful that life was, yet I remember it like it was yesterday.  That yesterday was actually 45 years ago which seems like AGES in time.    

It doesn’t feel so long ago that I turned 40 when my husband and friends crowned me Edgemont Idol, an honor to bestow. I remember the costumes. performances and the dancing until the wee hours of the morning (something we are known for).   
Thankfully these costume parties still happen and proud to say, we still dance until the wee hours.

A community gal at heart, I will always try to connect people together (through parties, sports team or community events) and to encourage others to also push their boundaries and to live their best life. For me, it's wanting others to have more.

We know change comes from within and only those with the confidence and courage will move into a life they love.
Then arrives the 50th – the day I woke with a smile and a heart that was full.  It was as if I had reached a peak and a place whereby I was given permission to actively explore what the world had to offer and to carry on.  Quite weird, but I felt like I was in new shoes, bigger shoes......

A birthday trip to Vegas was in order and it wasn't too hard to convience my girlfriends it was a good idea.  Being around such wonderful friends was an honour and a blast.  The book tells our story.....

Our children are a reflection of us and I am super proud that ours identify with me.  Both are expressive with their words and I have received many treasured cards from each encouraging me and thanking me for helping them to dream big and follow their passions. It became apparent that these expressions were honest and real when I received this homemade birthday card.  

I can’t express my gratitude for such wonderful and humorous messages from my husband, daughter and my son.  You will note, that it appears, our dog Mel is also the centre of my universe. 

I feel grateful for my parents who continue to support me even though my actions sometimes fall outside their comfort zone. My Mom and I share a similar sprit and I have learned much from her.   I sometimes think that she is vicariously living a life alongside with me, always eager to hear the details and share in my joy.

And of course, life would be lonely without your best friend(s) walking beside you. 

Here’s to another 50 years. Bring it on.....