November 16, 2018

I’ve got to be mobile

I’m doing a test to see if I can blog from my mobile.  I love my computer but I am looking for a way to increase the frequency of my posts and find a “better way” to do so.

My life seems like it’s always on the go but not in a negative “everythingitis way” just purposefully designed to doing the things I love (and generate revenue).  I never take for granted how I worked hard to gain the knowledge and the value that allows me now to work remotely for clients in the franchise space.  I am able to pepper in play and consciously focus on my side hustle TheBoomerVine brand focusing on active aging.

It’s that flexibility that allows me to do my best creative work on my terms. Only certain personalities thrive working from home or remotely and I’m definitely one of them! Most recently one of my millennials has started to work some days from home as well, having a flexible client who trusts the creative coding process.  More employers and clients really just care that the job or project gets done and ongoing communication in the process.  Respect and trust are key. Mobile cloud based programs support such.  My other millennial BTW has settled into work she loves in an environment that speaks to her athletic passion.

It is a proud moment when you see your millennials finding meaningful work on their terms.  I often wonder if my journey shared openly with them along the way has influenced their choices. Sure they must put in the time to “figure it out” ( heck I’m still shifting)  but when you listen to your heart and follow your passion, it can work out. Sure there are those on the other side of this fence but I’ve seen it work:)  If you want to go mobile ask. If you don’t know what makes up your DNA, figure it out as it just might open up new opportunities that get you away from the desktop.

My point is that if you don’t design your life, someone else will.

Mobile wins over desktop.
Just sayin’

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