April 07, 2018

When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

I admit I have habits that aren’t the best.  However since hitting my 50’s you can bet I have worked to add some new ones that are.  I’ve always been young at heart, but as I age this really takes shape.  

We all have to manage our own lives and navigate tough decisions, because ultimately it is our own life we are screwing with.  With social media today, there is so much that is pushed at us in all directions from health, beauty, weight loss, mindfulness and how to get rich quick.  Depends on which pages you "like", but analytics will ensure you don’t go a day without more and more of what you want (or don’t want) pushed into your face.  

I went through a fact finding phase on social, where I strategically followed bloggers, companies and joined groups whom I thought were like minded: Baby boomers just looking for ways to make the best out of life.  Mind.  Body. Spirit. Business. What I did learn was that there is an entire population of midlife folks both male and female (corporate executives, solopreneurs, 9-5'ers and retired folks) all digging for direction and information on how to live the best life possible.  Included in this, is how to have a successful business that allows room for healthy habits.  

They are all looking for the perfect pill, the perfect leader, the perfect diet.
Well guess what - NOTHING IS PERFECT.  

I have since stopped following the pack on social media and beyond as it causes me stress and makes me feel defeated. I courageously take the step to own my life and to listen to and follow my own instincts.  I follow bloggers and groups I trust like the International Council on Active Aging who post and share well researched articles and info that is relevant and actionable in my own life.  I respect the founder Colin Milner and he himself is an influencer in my life.  

I surround myself with like-minded, honest, health focused, fun loving, playful folks who design their life and their business around such values.  I also feel grateful that I have two millennials (and their friends) living at home because I can tap into their fresh beliefs and outlook on life which helps me remain grounded to what is important as we age. 

The ability to share my real life challenges and stories on TheBoomerVine, as I navigate through my 50’s, makes me happy and it is my hope that I might help others find more joy and happiness too.  

I will never drop my chocolate habit.