July 11, 2013

What is the definition of an Entrepreneur anyway?

This is from my application to be a mentor with the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, 2013. 
Chapter called, "Going out on a limb - believing in self"

I had never called myself an entrepreneur until I got involved with FWE recently through Kids & Company, holding back membership for many years because I didn't have a product to sell. I stood on the sidelines for years secretly watching FWE and those playing in this field while testing my brand www.theboomervine.com a place for women moving into their next 50 years and evolving and sharing my own real stories.

It is only now (for some weird reason) that I can confidently stand tall as a leader excited to inspire and help other women entrepreneurs grow personally and in business. After sharing and meeting others at your FWE garden party, I truly feel I can help make a difference in the lives of others. I was told that I inspired the few I spoke with.

I would love to help breakdown those similar barriers for others, like me, who have vision and ideas and entrepreneurial thoughts but not quite sure where to begin.  I personally think this is an area that FWE could develop to not only help drive new members but also help support those who are bursting with ideas or simply need the emotional support to believe in themselves and their ideas. They also are looking for a tribe to belong to.

I have carefully strategized and created my own opportunities over the last 10 years, working for high skilled entrepreneurs who see my abilities and value (Nurse Next Door, Kumon Canada, Nognz Brain Fitness and recently Kids & Company) strategically choosing entrepreneurial companies as my employers of choice with a personal goal of continuous learning and improvement.  I have real life, grassroots experience in the sales, marketing, business development and think out of the box!  My strength is on seeing the bigger picture, glass half full and always finding ways to get to goal, breaking barriers while creating a positive corporate culture through leadership.

I hope I can add value to your vision at FWE.
Denise Kelly
Director of Marketing and Operations BC
Kids & Company
"jack of all trades"

PS. for those who care, according to Wikipedia, The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader, innovator of new ideas, and business processes.  Management skill and strong team building abilities are often perceived as essential leadership attribute”.