January 26, 2020

The Play - Magical Mystery Tour Revived

(Part Two of the Magical Mystery Tour Revived)
(Posted January 25,2020. Part One you can read here.)

How it played ....

A family tradition that was revived last night goes to show that we do make a difference in our kids lives. I have always felt that all the love and effort we put into raising our kids comes around full circle! There are no rules on how to parent and we always just did so from the ❤️ heart.

We felt the love right back.  We came home with a new family hashtag #cellylikeakelly

4pm and it starts with an IPA and a couple very creative clues carefully written and presented in numbered envelope. Later the clues kept coming; using audio texts, code breaking challenges and word problems! We explored Gastown, Vancouver hitting many of the local spots and despite the uncertainty of the unknown, it was an absolute riot.

We even got iced! 

3 clues and a puzzle we discover our destination 
Escape room - Smartypantz  
Crazy creative hockey caper 
Awesome dinner and drinks at Calabash  
Puzzles and Beer 🍺 confusing 
You guys got us big time ❤️

Our hope is that the tradition continues and that others start one in their own families.

January 25, 2020

The Magical Mystery Tour Revival

The journey through life continues to amaze me. The web that we weave with others gets tighter as we age. My family is the tightest thread I have.

Life is full of adventures.  New paths we form as we all navigate new opportunities. I work to keep my feet grounded but I am always up for new experiences, especially if they are packed with fun and with playful people.  The mystery tour for example- a tradition that our close friends started with their kids when they were little.  Just a creative way to add some family time and build traditions.  Typically it is a surprise outing, being told to “save the date” and prepare to do something but receive no details (intended to build excitement).

I remember one mystery tour when our kids were preschool age.  We had won a night at a hotel in New Westminster at a preschool fundraiser so thought it would be fun to tie this into a mystery tour and a visit to the Vancouver zoo. Well let me just say that these are a great way to uncover ones deeper personality:) We told the kids to pack their own bags which were like suitcases full of treasures from home! One brought a number of favourite stuffed animals, books and all things that give comfort.  The other brought similar including a soccer ball. Little did we know the mystery tour would have ups and downs of emotions and later recognizing that uncertainty of a situation, mixed with long drives, doesn’t land well with everyone. The unknown can be frightening. You’ve heard of  “when will we get there”, well mix that in with one not even knowing where “there is”!

Well great minds think alike. Not having had a mystery tour adventure in years, my husband decides we would host one in Jan, and sent out a “save the date” invite early Dec to the Magical Mystery Tour.
Well tables have totally turned because for Christmas this year our millennials gave us a mystery tour, which was apparently in the works before they received our invite! Complete with a 5 clue scavenger hunt Christmas morning which told us to “save the date” in Jan.

Well today’s the day and I must admit I’ve been feeling somewhat anxious myself about what to wear, where we are going and what to take! I guess the jokes on us now:)  We have to be ready at 4pm. 

They even hid a clue in my favourite album! 

You can read part two here and how it all played out.

Our Biggest Mystery Tour Yet!

I have that feeling you get right before you are about to cry but I know in my heart (and want you to know) that these tears will be tears of joy. Honest. 

I have lived and continue to live, an incredible life for which I am truly greatful and one of my greatest gifts are my two kids.

They have given me the opportunity to explore motherhood, (for which I am no expert) but they have always shown respect, patience and love during this time as we all moved through the various ages and stages!   I must say my husband and I worked very hard to create a warm, safe and loving home where the kids were encouraged from a very early age to express their feelings, opinions and to take risks knowing they could always find safety in our hugs. I believe in part, this helped them build the self confidence they have today as they develop into incredible contributing adults with empathetic hearts who will make a difference.

If you know me, I myself have grown as a woman and my role has changed also as I have navigated the years raising them at home, choosing not to work during the early years and later carving out work that always allowed me to meet their needs first. I remember as a family reading the Berenstain Bears picture book Mama's New Job shortly before I started teaching preschool, my first job post kids. It is important to note this job allowed me to teach my youngest all while on the grounds of my daughters elementary school, my first step to letting go.

We have come to a place where I have to admit the roles are reversing as I likely may need the loving support and patience from you, my kids, as I navigate through this next year. I am heading into uncharted territory as an  empty nester and a house that will definitely miss the kids laughter, music (the record game!) and activity that comes with a busy household. It's no secret I have been missing my daughter during her past three years away at university but this year my son will be joining her, yes at the same school across the county.

I have read much about this phase of life and I am living it now!  I however have to say I am not unprepared for such but the sensitive and emotional gal I am, means that you can expect more tears this next little while as we all work through this new journey together.

Thank you to my husband and my kids who have been my strength when I felt I was unable to achieve my dreams and goals as I moved through self discovery and many challenges to become who I am today. I myself have strategically carved out and created my work career of which I feel is only going to blossom with opportunity in the next while as I have found my passion and living it.

As a family we have shared many what we called "mystery tours" together and this guys is really no different but the only change is that we know where we are going or where we want to be,  so it becomes the reality of how we accept the opportunities and  challenges that will likely present themselves to us as we journey there. I have to say, for me,  knowing I have you standing proudly behind me reciprocating the love, patience and empathy I have taught you,  that I will survive (and maybe even blossom) as you both go off to further expand your knowledge at university.

Have fun and as I have told you before, this is the time of your life and that you may not realize but you are creating a little piece of your own story each and every day.

Originally posted 2013