March 12, 2015

Identify your strengths and stick to them!

It was a actually many moons ago I found myself in a transition and faced with the reality that I had to articulate my strengths and for that matter, my weaknesses during the typical dreaded interview.  You know the moment that you find yourself face to face with the gatekeeper to the organization.....

Heck, we all have a resume and as someone who is continually moving along a planned path of continuous improvement and driving for new personal challenges both in life and in my work, my resume is constantly changing.  I struggle to keep it updated and prefer the amazing world of LinkedIn.

I was tired of living in a world where the focus was on our weaknesses and we had to find ways for self improvement.  I think focusing on our weaknesses sucks energy from us when we could be feeding our soul and celebrating the things that we do well.  Our strengths are what fill us and truly are what we do that makes us the happiest.  Living our passion is usually living and doing the things we love that don't feel like work.  It is those things we generally dislike that make us weak and suck the good energy out.

I decided to focus on my strengths and in my work to find opportunities to share them and truly celebrate them for they are what makes me shine as a leader and a happy contributing adult. I've even given the book to my kids and new university grads.

A very special mentor gave me this book for she knew we shared the same values and that it would help launch me further into my passion.

Here's my strengths.... and they are DEAD on, especially the Woo!  
(compare with your peers and share on your resume and LinkedIn) 

Positivity - always on the look out for the positive in any situation 
Woo - win others over and you are drawn to strangers
Communication - like to explain, public speak and write to get people to listen
Activator - when can we start rarely waiting for the green light
Arranger - jump into confusion, devise new options, hunt new paths

Check out the author Tom Rath and the website.  There is even a book for kids.