January 26, 2020

The Play - Magical Mystery Tour Revived

(Part Two of the Magical Mystery Tour Revived)
(Posted January 25,2020. Part One you can read here.)

How it played ....

A family tradition that was revived last night goes to show that we do make a difference in our kids lives. I have always felt that all the love and effort we put into raising our kids comes around full circle! There are no rules on how to parent and we always just did so from the ❤️ heart.

We felt the love right back.  We came home with a new family hashtag #cellylikeakelly

4pm and it starts with an IPA and a couple very creative clues carefully written and presented in numbered envelope. Later the clues kept coming; using audio texts, code breaking challenges and word problems! We explored Gastown, Vancouver hitting many of the local spots and despite the uncertainty of the unknown, it was an absolute riot.

We even got iced! 

3 clues and a puzzle we discover our destination 
Escape room - Smartypantz  
Crazy creative hockey caper 
Awesome dinner and drinks at Calabash  
Puzzles and Beer 🍺 confusing 
You guys got us big time ❤️

Our hope is that the tradition continues and that others start one in their own families.

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