January 25, 2020

The Magical Mystery Tour Revival

The journey through life continues to amaze me. The web that we weave with others gets tighter as we age. My family is the tightest thread I have.

Life is full of adventures.  New paths we form as we all navigate new opportunities. I work to keep my feet grounded but I am always up for new experiences, especially if they are packed with fun and with playful people.  The mystery tour for example- a tradition that our close friends started with their kids when they were little.  Just a creative way to add some family time and build traditions.  Typically it is a surprise outing, being told to “save the date” and prepare to do something but receive no details (intended to build excitement).

I remember one mystery tour when our kids were preschool age.  We had won a night at a hotel in New Westminster at a preschool fundraiser so thought it would be fun to tie this into a mystery tour and a visit to the Vancouver zoo. Well let me just say that these are a great way to uncover ones deeper personality:) We told the kids to pack their own bags which were like suitcases full of treasures from home! One brought a number of favourite stuffed animals, books and all things that give comfort.  The other brought similar including a soccer ball. Little did we know the mystery tour would have ups and downs of emotions and later recognizing that uncertainty of a situation, mixed with long drives, doesn’t land well with everyone. The unknown can be frightening. You’ve heard of  “when will we get there”, well mix that in with one not even knowing where “there is”!

Well great minds think alike. Not having had a mystery tour adventure in years, my husband decides we would host one in Jan, and sent out a “save the date” invite early Dec to the Magical Mystery Tour.
Well tables have totally turned because for Christmas this year our millennials gave us a mystery tour, which was apparently in the works before they received our invite! Complete with a 5 clue scavenger hunt Christmas morning which told us to “save the date” in Jan.

Well today’s the day and I must admit I’ve been feeling somewhat anxious myself about what to wear, where we are going and what to take! I guess the jokes on us now:)  We have to be ready at 4pm. 

They even hid a clue in my favourite album! 

You can read part two here and how it all played out.

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