October 31, 2015

People ask me all the time why I don't have a website .....

I know, I know, I know.

So, here's the thing.  As a smart and strategic self employed entrepreneur who has taken on risk over the last 15 years, and dabbled into a number of strategic projects with others, I fully admit I need one.  The problem is, do I need just one and how do I crossover my offerings/interests into one fantastic site?

I am aware of the value of a great website and brand.  I have a number of domains that I have reserved for various new business ideas I have on the go and some which may just become an expense.  I even picked up domains for my own kids, in their name, because I believe it will be all about branding as these millennials try to stand out from the crowd.  

Am I the only entrepreneur who has a number of projects on the go, working with a variety of different clients (some pro bono and others paying) in a number of different lines of work that combines their passions?

I have been told that I do represent my brand well, so at the very least, that's a relief! I represent myself and my core values authentically when I meet people or prospective clients.  I show up as who I am and not pretending to be someone else. I have over 15 years working for strong award winning brands like Nurse Next Door, Kids & Company, Kumon Canada and CEFA (Core Education Fine Arts) to name only a few.  

Thus the twitter profile photo that keeps changing..... for me, it is a true reflection of me and who I really am.    

My twitter profile picture might have some shock value, but hey, the reality is that I have a passion for hockey and at 45 I started a female hockey team (I play D) and it is all part of my story.  In this other photo of me on the ice with my girlfriend, it too shows that I enjoy life outside of work which I feel is valuable to a corporate culture. 

Meet my LinkedIn and business profile photo.  Yes, this is me showing up as the professional that I am.  You can see the other (more serious) side and read more about me here.  It's about relationships and building trust. I love collaborating with companies and clients.  Each client themselves show up to me in a variety of ways too.  Some like to meet in the office setting formally while others like to meet over a beer at lunch.  You see, I do respect differences and I am thrilled to continue to collaborate with (and meet more) interesting people, doing remarkable things as I continue this journey. 

So, yes, I do need a website where I can pull it all together to tell my story about how I can help connect to the customer,  activate the relationship and deliver results across a variety of target groups.

Stay tuned.  I commit to making this happen by 2016.  My various mentors tell me it's time.


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  1. I'll be watching for it in 2016 then. I think you're over complicating it Denise. I see a very clear brand identity for you. You simply need one area for "crazy new projects" (that totally fits your brand btw) where you chase all the new stuff that you know will come your way. You're a starter. Then if they get big enough let them move out and launch on their own. If not, they can live at home under your roof. You could even explain it that way on your site since that analogy is also in keeping with your brand.