January 11, 2015

There's room on the rocketship!

Who says January 1st,  the first day of the New Year is the day to kick off new habits and implement your goals?  Not in my house, we typically only get home from our New Years neighbourhood rocker with friends around 3am January 1 (of course last to leave) after a great dinner and lots of dancing,  so we sleep late!  It's one of the Kelly family traditions! January 1 comes and goes quickly.....and usually one of the Kelly's has what we call the flu.

Happy New Year to my pals and readers (I vow to get to know you more)

Let me share some of my excitement for this year.

I am determined to continue to live life on my terms, especially this year and I am going to shake things up and take more risks/try new things.  Diving deeper into the ocean and ditching the lifejacket - hell, don't need that anymore!  I will continue to do what I love and make some money at it giving me lots of time for my stuff, family, dog and traveling.  I have so many amazing opportunities being presented to me already this year and I know it's Karma.  I'm kind to others, incredibly hardworking and authentic in my relationships and I believe when we live with such kindness and gratitude the world throws it back.  I consciously focus on being surrounded by likeminded peeps who are also authentic, big thinkers, activators and approaching every day with a smile.

Hey, don't think it's easy because it is not.  I've worked really hard to get here ....  If you want to come along on the ride with me, maybe do some soul searching yourself, let me know. I've got room on the rocketship!  denise.play@gmail.com

Get familiar with Danielle LaPorte - she's a firecracker from Vancouver and I'm going to meet her one day soon!

Brene Brown, little more serious but a firecracker also!

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  1. Go for it Denise. Life on your own terms is where fulfillment lives!!