September 20, 2011

All my life I wanted to be a rock star

All my life I have wanted to be a rock star or the chance to pretend.

The only music I remember in our house growing up was opera, Christmas and the Bee Gee’s. My Dad’s record player sat on a shelf behind the den door where he would stack 10 albums that would play one after the other all Sunday and quite loud whether you liked it or not!

After the arrival of our two kids, one with a solid ear for music and the other a solid leg to sports the music really began.  We always had music playing in the back ground and not just the likes of Raffi but a solid variety of rock and roll, country and mainstream. The kids to this day laugh at the fact that when we have parties the music is so loud they can hear it over at their friends house a block away.  In fact for my 40th birthday my husband crowned me Edgemont Idol and everyone was encouraged to come in costume and to sing or act out their favourite song – best gift ever!

My husband also loves “good music” and he has taught our family to respect the record album.  200 albums hide alphabetically on the top shelf of our coat cupboard in our little tiny rancher (oh and when we have parties the guests get to choose which album they wish to hear – this is called the “record game”).

 Thanks to a friend we found the local School of Rock where my son began piano lessons but quickly got the bug for electric then acoustic guitar and vocals and is now part of a performance band.  The founders name is ironically S. Melody!  She and her passionate teachers teach way more than just musical notes for they encourage and inspire these kids to live their dreams among like minded friends.  Life a family, they are safe to move out of their comfort zone to grow.

Watching our son on stage playing in his band singing vocals to songs from artists he loves is as good for me as being that rock star.  He has gained the love of music and he treasures his collection of concert tickets from some of those favourite artists that he and his Dad have enjoyed from the likes of Neil Young, The Who, ACDC, John Fogerty, Eric Clapton with many more planned. 

Living vicariously  through my son I am that rock star.
Denise Kelly is a North Vancouver Boomer proudly living with her two children, husband and dog Mel.  She looks forward to sharing stories to motivate others.

Originally published Black Press 2010

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