July 02, 2011

My Blog - Boomer with Zip

Procrastination is a terribly enemy for me but I have finally pushed it to the side, stand strong and trust in the process as I move to take steps to jump from the pond into the ocean.

My first entry into my new blog called The Boomer Vine is a way for me to share and hopefully empower others as we jump the hump over 40 and take the journey beyond.  I prefer to share this road with others because I love being with people, meeting new people and figure we might just share a laugh along the way.  The Boomer Vine is my vision of a place you can come for information and support as you take this journey.
Open, Honest and Real. 

This will be the real me - a Boomer with Zip (and lots of it combined with a stream of consciousness that will come alive in these pages).

Look out this is going to be fun!

Denise A Kelly

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